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Post by Stefanie on Sat Oct 01, 2011 3:47 pm

Thought I'd start a thread. Seems like there are only three of us who have finished so far.

I think one of the things I wanted more of from the book was philosophy. I wanted there to be more than passing remarks about disagreeing with Plato, more than brief hints of the future work Aristotle would do. I wanted there to be more of a sense of Aristotle thinking and developing his ideas, discussions with Carolus about drama for example. I did think it was interesting that Lyon portrayed Aristotle as bipolar. I don't think he was in real life, but of all her historical transgressions, I wouldn't have minded if she had developed it further.

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Post by Rebecca H. on Sat Oct 01, 2011 5:20 pm

Yes, completely agreed! I wanted more philosophy, more cultural context, more on Aristotle's characterization. I understand the desire to write historical fiction without loading it up with research as some authors do, but perhaps the nature of the genre is such that readers want (smoothly-integrated) research? If I'm going to read a novel about Aristotle, I'd like to learn something about Aristotle. Otherwise, why not just make up a character?

I didn't particularly understand the organization either. There were two main flashbacks, I believe, and I wondered why she didn't intersperse them more and even things out a bit. As it is, the book felt oddly lopsided, and I wasn't sure why she had the flashbacks when she did. That said, the part when I was most engaged was during the first flashback when Aristotle was first getting his education. I wanted more of those scenes.

Rebecca H.

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